Manage T Level results

This service is for awarding organisations and education providers who deliver T Level qualifications.

It is managed and run by the Department for Education (DfE),

Awarding organisations (also known as exam boards) can use this service to:

  • tell us if T Level details are correct
  • tell us which T Levels each provider is offering
  • add or update learner registrations
  • add or update assessment entries
  • add or update core component and occupational specialism results
  • tell us about a grade appeal
  • bulk upload records (see T Level data format and rules)

Providers (for example, schools and colleges) can use this service to:

For security reasons you should always sign out when you have finished using the service. Select ‘Sign out’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen to sign out and return to the 'Start' page.

You will be signed out if you are inactive for 30 minutes.

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Before you start

You will need a DfE Sign-in account and an assigned role.

A user can be given more than one role. More details on the roles in this service can be read below.

Awarding organisation roles

T Levels reviewers

  • review the T Levels they are licensed to deliver
  • confirm each T Level’s details are correct
  • request amendments

Providers editors

  • review existing providers
  • add or remove providers
  • select the T Levels each provider offers

Registrations editors

  • register learners on T Level courses
  • change a learner's details
  • change the T Level a learner is studying
  • manage movers, leavers and rejoiners

Results editors

  • upload, view, update, remove and add learners’ results

Site administrators

  • all the permissions of the above roles
  • add users and assign the above roles to them
Provider roles

Learner records editors

  • upload, amend, view, delete and add English and maths achievements
  • update industry placement completion status

Provider administrators

  • all the permissions of learner records editor
  • add users and assign the above role to them